Amsec Safe Case Studies

In the early hours of March 21st, 2014, an explosion rocked a neighborhood in Lancaster County, SC. The explosion completely destroyed one home and damaged several others.

The local fire marshall said he had never seen an explosion as bad in a private residence. Thankfully, the owners of the home were away on vacation, and were all unhurt. Though their home was destroyed, their AMSEC Gun Safe and all the contents inside survived.

“(The) Safe performed to near .” Said Hyatt Coin & Gun Shop, which had sold the safe to the family. According to Hyatt, the safe “…was the only thing standing after the explosion” and the majority of the contents of the safe were unharmed.

AMSEC is grateful that no-one was hurt in the explosion, and honored that this family trusted AMSEC to protect their valuables.


On May 20th, 2013, a powerful EF5 tornado ripped through the small town of Moore, Oklahoma. With wind speeds up to 200 mph, the tornado leveled homes, office buildings, and most tragic of all, completely destroyed Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Among all of the amazing stories of courage and hope that emerged from the Moore Oklahoma tragedy is the story of one resident, whose story is a little less tragic thanks to his recent purchase of an AMSEC Gun Safe. The powerful tornado completely destroyed Toby Striegel’s home, but his AMSEC Gun Safe stood strong, and made it through with only minor damage.

Dear American Security,

I purchased an AMSEC BF6636 some time around 2008/2009 with the thought of protecting my firearms and other valuables in case of a house fire or burglary (which I had previously experienced in the spring of 2007 in my previous home). When I would show off my new safe to friends and family that came to visit, I would always joke and say that after having it bolted down to the concrete slab in my closet, it would probably be the only thing left standing if a tornado hit my house. I never imagined how right I would turn out to be. Thank You for a fantastic safe! Worth every penny! Thanks also to Don’s Mobil Lock Shop in Norman Ok, for all their help!

Toby M. Striegel
Norman, OK


In May of 2014, a wildfire roared through the Carlsbad community in Southern California, damaging 600 acres of land and dozens of homes. Once the fire was contained, many evacuated residents of the area came back to homes that had been completely destroyed. But for at least one family, all was not lost. Anya Bannasch reached out to AMSEC on our Facebook page, with her amazing story:


“The fire at times reach 60 feet in height and the hot winds blew it so fast at my parents house that the firemen couldn’t do anything to stop it. My parents were at my aunts house and my brother who was living with my parents at the time was at work. I was also working, so by the time we got to their house everything was ash. There was absolutely nothing saved. We all started to cry. All our memories, photos of us, everything was gone. Then my dad yelled “the safe is still standing!” We opened the safe and all my parents important papers, birth certificates, wedding rings etc were saved! We couldn’t believe it! In the entire house the safe was the only thing not burned to the ground.


My family and I couldn’t thank you enough. We recommended a fire safe to everyone we know. Your fire safe put a smile on our faces, we thanked The Lord at least something survived. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”


July 4th we were at a family members house down the road having dinner. All of a sudden we hear a really big boom and it came from my house. Upon arrival the house was on fire. No one as seriously injured and all the pets made it out fine. I went in the house to grab a few irreplaceable items but the smoke and heat were getting intolerable. I shoved the safe door closed trusting its quality with my belongings. I left the house to join my wife only to watch it burn to the ground.


We went back the next day to inspect the damage and what we found was devastating. Pretty much a complete loss. Eventually I come to my safe and to my surprise it seemed to be in tact. Later that day I hooked a chain around the safe and drug it through the remains of the house to outside. Myself and 3 other men formed a plan to open the safe. It took about 45 minutes but we were in. Everything and I mean everything inside the safe was unharmed. Birth certificates, social security cards, passports, class 3 nfa tax stamp paperwork, vehicle titles, spare keys were all found unharmed as well.


I wanted to share my story because I have solid proof that American security builds a top notch product. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. I also want to say that the the customer service that I have received is above and beyond. American security has offered to replace my safe free of charge. Try that on for size. This is why you buy an American product. I can’t say enough good things about AMSEC!!!


It’s companies like AMSEC that make life just a little bit easier in hard times. Huge thank you to American security for building an awesome safe and having awesome customer service!!!


As my parents fled their home on June 26th when the Carr fire barreled its way into Redding they left their home and prayed that it would be spared.


They took a few important papers and a few items of clothes. Upon returning they discovered complete devastation. Sadly, along with 1,000 other homes, theirs was lost. The house had burned HOT and was still smoldering several days later when a friend got in to confirm its complete loss. But there was this safe…still standing…just begging to be opened. The lock had burned off so it would require a locksmith.


We all talked about ways we could get it open and Dad would just laugh . “That safe is pick proof, they have had professionals try to break in to them with no luck! You guys are never getting that open”.


We had all heard stories about the Santa Rosa fire and how all the safes were a complete loss. There was little hope anything would be intact but it was worth a try.


AMSEC American security safe bragged about how nobody can get into their safes. And they were right! It took the locksmith 3 1/2 hours to drill it open.


Grandmas wedding ring, Mint coin collections, stamps… and the touch up paint for the safe. All intact!


Seriously, if you are in the market for a safe this is a great purchase. AMSEC safes are the best!!!


–Keri Younkers




AMSEC Customers in Chelan Washington might remember the 2013 fire at the Four Lakes Chelan Winery, owned by Don Koester. What they may not know is that Don had many of his personal valuables in an AMSEC safe, and while the winery and house were a total loss, Don’s AMSEC safe survived, along with all the contents it contained.


“On May 11 2013, we had a fire that burned down my winery and house. Everything was lost, all equipment, supplies, wine in barrels, bottled wine and personal items. The only thing that stood was my safe made by your company and purchased from Security Safe and Lock in Bellevue, Wa.


It took me this long to open it as I was devastated at my losses and it took this long to get my courage up. Security Safe and Lock opened it (it was severely burned) and lo and behold, nothing was damaged other than some smoke. The safe held my coin and stamp collection which was extensive. I sincerely want to thank you for your excellent product.


Don Koester

Chelan Wa.”


While AMSEC is devastated right along with Don over his loss, we are also proud that our safe helped him save some of his important valuables. Thank you, Don, for trusting AMSEC and for being a loyal customer!