Best-In-Class High Security Cannabis & Medical Marijuana Safes/Vault Doors/Modular Vaults

“With sweeping legalization on both a medicinal and recreational level, the cannabis and marijuana industry have been exploding. With this explosion has come a massive influx of cash and a need to properly store inventory. Unfortunately, criminals have realized that cannabis dispensaries are holding all of this cash and it has made them a massive target for break-ins.”


Whether you are a dispensary, a cultivation facility, an extractor or an adjunct player security is always a major concern to keep your cash and products secure.


Here at Freedom Lock & Key, your security is of the utmost importance to us and we’ve compiled this collection of the best Cannabis safes for your dispensary. Depending on the size of your business you may need several types of different safes to maintain maximum security. While there are several more options in addition to the safe types listed below, these are typically the best options for cannabis and marijuana businesses. Need help deciding on the best security solutions for your business? Please give us a call at 567-208-0014 and our safe experts are ready to assist. Need audit trail capability, a custom size safe or any other unique requirements, we can assist with that too!


Vaults are often complemented by other physical security elements including safes, mantraps, safe entry portals and bullet resistance. Furthermore, prompted by regulatory requirements, integrated electronic security components like video surveillance, access control and alarm are often required. All work together to ensure total compliance and optimal security; both of which are equally critical to your success.



Reliable Cannabis Safes And Vaults


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Working in the cannabis industry can come with a certain degree of risk. Cannabis is a highly valuable product that is often in high demand, putting your assets at risk. Whether you’re a grower, dispensary, processing facility, or other business owner working with cannabis, a trustworthy cannabis safe or vault can protect your business. We here at Freedom Lock & Key have a variety of security options that can work well for those in the cannabis industry, particularly safes and vaults.


Who Needs A Cannabis Safe?


Even small businesses working with cannabis can greatly benefit from having a safe or vault dedicated to protecting your products and assets. The smallest of dispensaries can still suffer greatly if a burglary occurs, after all. Dispensaries and other small businesses can greatly benefit from smaller safes in particular. If you’re protecting a large amount of product or plants, a vault room with a vault door may be better suited to protect your assets.


What Safe Works For Me?


Typically, smaller businesses can benefit from having specific small safes for their products. This usually is also a more cost-effective option for smaller businesses that may be on a tight budget. However, a vault comes with a variety of benefits. While a small safe is more compact, a vault room can have increased security as well as larger space. Some growers choose to store their plants behind the safety of a cannabis vault door.


Learn More To Keep Your Business Safe


Ready to pick out a safe for your business in the cannabis industry? Look through our various vaults and safes for sale or contact us today for more information. You can contact us at 567-208-0014 or email us at We here at Freedom Lock & Key look forward to helping you protect your business today.


High Security TL Rated Safes:


Considered the best of the best when it comes to free standing safes, these TL Rated Safes are the definition of high security. Tested by Underwriters Laboratories, these safes have gone through a series of torture tests to prove their worth.


High Security Burglary Safes with Fire Protection


Underwriter’s rated safes protect against powerful tools such as drills, chisels, sledgehammers, wedges, power saws, carbide disc cutters and other miscellaneous tool attacks. Massive 3-1/2 inch thick bodies and 6-1/2 inch thick doors are constructed of steel plate, a high strength blend of PSI cement and a super alloy manganese plate.


Fire protection for 2 hours at 1850 degrees F is an added bonus in the TL-rated high-level security safes.


What is the added security of a High Security Safe? TL-15:


Door is tool resistant at least 15 minutes and potentially insures up to $150,000.




Door is tool resistant at least 30 minutes and potentially insures up to $500,000.




Six-sided protection that potentially insures up to $1.5 million (and often more when used in a commercial application, even at home).




This means this safe is torch and tool resistant for 60 minutes all six sides of the safe.


Depository Drop Safes:


By immediately depositing large bills or cash into the hopper of a depository safe, the dollar amount stolen during a robbery is drastically reduced. And unfortunately, sometimes it’s not just the bad guy robber that a business owner needs to worry about. Drop safes can reduce temptation and pilferage by employees ten-fold. While this type of safe is known by many names, such as a depository safe, a drop safe, a deposit safe and a drop box, they are all the same type of safe. Deposits are made into a locked storage compartment by way of a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading “mailbox” type door.


Vault Doors:


When you have an entire room to protect, a Vault Door becomes the clear and logical choice. Built to the same specifications as their Gun Safe counterparts the AMSEC and SoCal Safe “Bridgeman “ Vault Doors we carry are formidable. When in place and surrounded by a concrete room, it will take a jackhammer, several guys and a lot of time to ever be able to break in. While typically not fire rated, Vault doors can still provide tremendous fire protection.


Modular Vaults:


SoCal Safe Company has made a commitment to the physical security needs of our customers by providing unequalled quality, timely delivery and lower project costs.  Our modular vault panels will be shipped on time and will fit as designed.


Quality Construction:  Every aspect of manufacturing vault panels is aimed towards satisfying the needs of our customers.  The ultra-high strength concrete core along with the formed steel pan provides high security construction and installation.  The result is a very rugged vault panel that can meet very close dimensional tolerances.  The panels can be manufactured quickly, shipped conveniently and installed easily.


UL Tested for Performance:  Underwriters Laboratories performs attack tests on the vault panels to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for burglary resistance.  They also conduct in-plant inspections to ensure that the panels are constructed using the proper procedures and materials.


The Socal Safe Company Vaults are committed to a higher standard.  Our own quality control procedures demand that the product you receive will exceed the minimum requirements and your expectations.


The Modular Vault Panels are Underwriter’s Laboratory listed.


Burglary Resistant in U.L. Ratings:


U.L. Class M One-Quarter Hour U.L. Class 1 One-Half Hour U.L. Class 2 One Hour U.L. Class 3 Two Hour


DEA Cages


DEA cages are a great way to secure your product by creating a restricted area within your dispensary or grow facility. They are economical for storing a large quantity of product, very durable, and easily dismantled and moved. Security features include self-closing and self-locking doors, panels fit flush to the floor, and heavy-duty hardware used throughout the structure and for anchoring the unit to the floor. Our wire partitions make it possible to construct a DEA cage of virtually any size or shape. Lock options offer quick secure access and audit trails.