How Does a Business Protect its Valuables With a TL-30 Safe?

During a civil unrest where looting is prevalent, it is unpredictable what will happen and who will be affected the most. Dozens of cannabis businesses across the U.S. sustained costly damages over the weekend when demonstrations over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd turned violent and widespread vandalizing and looting in several major cities began.

Unfortunately, all types of businesses are being affected including pawn shops, jewelry stores, retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants and other small businesses. Reacting to an event like a civil unrest can be very difficult and raises the question – How should my business prepare to be as protected as we possibly can?

Throughout the current riots unfolding in cities across the nation, we have seen businesses burned, destroyed, and looted. In Minneapolis alone over 170 businesses have already been looted and dozens have been burned. This number seems minuscule to the 1992 Los Angeles protests. Those riots led to over 1,000 businesses being completely destroyed, giving us an example of just how damaging civil unrest can get.

Are you giving your business the best protection against events like this? We can start by evaluating something as simple as the safe your company might be currently using.


In the event of a possible riot near your business, the first thing to do is to secure as many of your most valuable assets inside a high security UL-rated safe. A TL-rated safe has been proven its worth throughout these civil unrest.  At the time of this article’s publication, there has not been any report of a successful attack of any TL-rated safe.

Why a TL-Rated Safe?

The TL-30 designation is issued by the Underwriters Laboratory. TL-30 safes offer the highest in security standards for most business applications. The TL-rating refers to the safe’s ability to withstand an attack from the common burglar’s go-to tools such as hammers, saws, drills, and grinding wheels. Its solid composite body incorporates high-density concrete. The concrete inside the safe body is embodied with corundum aggregate and encased in a double layer of high-tensile steel.

The numeral part in the TL-rating stands for the amount of time the safe can withstand a sophisticated attack by an experienced criminal. For example, if a safe has a TL-30 rating, the safe can resist an attack for up to 30 minutes. Many of these safes are also rated to protect valuables from a fire for up to 2 hours.

Why is a Gun Safe Insufficient?

A gun safe is mainly designed to keep kids and others from easily getting into the safe and accessing the guns. The inner lining of the safe is mostly sheet rock, which is great for absorbing heat, but offers very little resistance to basic tool attacks and no resistance to the more sophisticated tools associated with burglaries in the high asset world. A gun safe is not something you would want to keep valuables in. Several have been broken into during the current looting events.

Gun Safe Attacked and Looted

When it comes to securing your business’s valuables, you are going to want to have the best protection that you can have. By understanding the difference in safes and which one applies to different situations can ultimately save your company thousands of dollars. When it comes to civil unrest or any event that involves looting and burglaries, the TL-rated safe is going to set your company up to be better protected rather than a gun safe can.

The Importance of Cannabis Security Vaults

Why would you even want a vault in the first place? Sure, we can all agree it is prudent to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in cannabis and cash in a vault, right? But why is this so critical?

Your worst nightmare

Imagine how busy your day is trying to run your business. Now imagine your day if a burglar entered your business, stole thousands of dollars in cash and pounds of your finest cannabis strains. Now what?

You are soon on the phone with the insurance company (if you have insurance) making a large sum theft claim. While you are waiting for your claim to be hopefully resolved, your employees and other expenses are demanding to be paid.

Some of your employees may quit because they may feel unsafe. Then there are the repairs and days your business is down to recover. Hopefully your cash flow will allow you to continue in your business — hopefully.

Cannabis is the latest crime target

So, back to protecting hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you know any other industry that has that much cash and product on site? Think about it for a second. The answer is nobody.

Even pawn shops, jewelers and banks move cash out of their locations as quickly as possible. This makes cannabis shops the “It Girl” for thieves all over the country. So congratulations; you are now the hottest item for thieves nationwide. You are both overexposed and under protected. Thieves are now casing cannabis stores for these very reasons.

Security is worth the investment

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about vaults. You may be asking yourself the following

  • How can I store all my cannabis and cash items if there is no space in my UL rated safe?
  • How will my cannabis survive the dangers of burglars at night?
  • If there is a dangerous situation at my place of business, where can my employees and I stay safe?

Each question begs the same solution – U.L. listed Concrete Modular Vault Room and Door. Now the question is, which UL rating is the right solution for your business?

Vaults protect contents against theft, bullets, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters and other threats. Unlike safes, vaults are an integral part of the building within which they are built, using armored walls and a tightly fashioned door closed with a complex lock.

The most important reason for a vault is if you require a security method that is immobile and all-but impenetrable. A vault provides an indispensable level of security and may be your last line of defense against attacks or unforeseen catastrophes as floods, fires and earthquakes.

There is no such thing as a standard vault. Vaults are designed for specific needs of the business owner. There are four Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rated classes of vaults but only the top three qualify for the Cannabis Industry. UL is the one of the most recognized security standards worldwide and highly recommended for the Cannabis Industry.

The UL rating is an indicator of product quality and security. Modular vaults are constructed of panels. Each panel is made with a metal pan or frame filled with a special proprietary concrete mixture. Normal construction grade concrete strength falls between 2,800 and 3,200 pounds per square inch (PSI). UL rated vault proprietary mixes can reach up to an over 40,000 PSI – 13 times the strength of regular concrete.

Below are vault guidelines per UL Vault Class:

Class Asset Level Wall Thickness Cost Per Square Foot* Minutes of Attack**
1 $3 Million 4’’ $200 – $500* 30 Minutes**
2 $6 Million 6’’ $800 – $1,000* 60 Minutes**
3 $12 Million 10’’ – 28’’ $1,600 – $2,000* 120 Minutes**

*Varies upon the location and install needed.

** The minutes of attack are based upon two UL professional attacking the vault panels in a laboratory setting. The timer only ticks when their tools touch the vault. If UL professionals rest or stop to think, the timer stops.  Therefore, in actual real world attacks, criminals take significantly longer to penetrate vault walls.

It is important the security level of your vault door matches the class of vault you are building. You should never install a Class 1 level vault door on a Class 3 level vault structure.

Protect your business investment with a UL rated vault. Don’t be severely under protected with a cinder block vault, cages, dry wall or regular concrete wall. Avoid the mess of a burglary and gain peace of mind with a UL vault investment.