AMSEC CF7236 AMVAULT TL-30 High Security 2 Hour Fire & Burglary Rated Composite Safe



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AMSEC CF7236 Amvault American Security TL-30 High Security Safe


External Dimensions: 79″ h x 43″ w x 32.5″ d

Add 2″ to Depth for Handle, Dial & Hinges

Internal Dimensions: 72″ h x 36″ w x 23″ d

Weight: 4,426 lbs.

Burglary Rating: UL TL-30

2 Hour Fire Rating

Made in USA

One Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Looking for a safe that will insure up to $250,000?

A step up from its little brother the TL-15, TL-30s add an additional $100,000 worth of insurance. As you probably guessed it, the TL-30 Amvault is rated for an additional 15 minutes than the TL-15 for a grand total of 30 minutes.
The technical definition of a TL-30 safe is as follows: “Signifies a combination-locked safe designed to offer a moderate degree of protection against attack by common mechanical and electrical tools and any combination of these means. Has successfully resisted entry* for a net working time of 30 minutes when attacked with common hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills, pressure applying devices or mechanisms, abrasive cutting wheels and power saws.” Basically they take every tool a smart burglar would use and punish the safe for 30 minutes. If the safe survives, it is rated TL-30 and Qualifies for Mercantile & Broadform Insurance Class F with a Bank Rating of G. So I’m sure you’re wondering, how do they accomplish this?
Let’s start with the massive 6″ door, constructed of a 3″ defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure encasing a unique, high density fire and burglary resistant composite material. This defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand concentrated attacks with the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars. On the door lies a U.L. listed Group II Key Changeable combination lock that is protected by a drill shattering hard plate and two additional spring loaded devices. The hinges offer a vertical height adjustment and utilizes an oil impregnated bearing ensuring easy door operation.
The locking mechanism is equipped with ten massive 1-1/2″ diameter chrome plated solid steel locking bolts that move deep into the body’s protected bolt chambers. The body is formed to combine a total protective thickness of 3-1/2″ enclosing a high density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers. The reinforced drill resistant door frame protects the door and each individual bolt chamber from severe side attacks. The proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling attacks.
This TL-30 safe has been tested for up to two hours of fire protection at 1850° and successfully maintained an interior temperature of less than 350° for the entire duration of the test.
It comes standard with four high strength adjustable shelves, a tri-spoke handle and a pull handle.
Not only is this safe made right here in the USA but it is also backed by a One Year Parts and Labor Warranty!
When you plan on placing up to $250,000 worth of value in your safe, you can trust the AMSEC CF TL-30 series.

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Weight 4426 lbs


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