American Security Gun Safe Light Kit Two 36″ Wands AC Powered



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Amsec’s LED light kit runs on AC power and contains everything you need to let you illuminate the inside of your safe exactly how you like it.

It’s gorgeous, bright light that you can keep hidden, yet illuminates the deepest nooks and crannies of the biggest safes.

American Security’s LED Light kit includes two 36-inch light strips with 120 high-intensity LED lights with a built-in motion detector. It turns itself on when it senses motion (like simply opening the safe door) and then turns itself off 30 seconds after no more motion is detected. The AC power cord is six feet long.

Absolutely no tools are required for installation. The light strips have heavy duty 3M tape on the back which will adhere to any safe interior surface, whether fabric or steel. The two strips plug into the sensor box, as does the power supply jack. The sensor box also adheres to any surface of the safe. If you have a safe with AC outlets already inside, simply plug in the light kit and put on your sunglasses!

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