Eva-Dry E-500 Wireless Safe Dehumidifier



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  • 8″ L , 2-1/2″ W, 5-1/2″ H
  • No batteries
  • No cord
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Renewable
  • 5 Year Warranty
The high-capacity Eva-Dry E-500 gun safe dehumidifier cuts humidity in enclosed areas.

It will help protect clothes, weapons and valuables from the damaging effects of mold, mildew, rust and moisture rot. It’s 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Just hang the Eva-Dry in a gun safe, closet or other small enclosed space and it will absorb moisture. The EDV-500 needs no batteries nor does it have cords to plug in.

This product contains a powerful dessicant made of a crystallized silica gel. In operation, the activated crystals grab moisture from the air continually and silently.

An indicator window on the Eva-Dry lets you see the “moisture meter crystals” when they change color from orange (when active) to green (when saturated) to show you exactly when the unit needs to be renewed. There’s no guessing about whether you’re protected or not — you’ll know.

The Eva-Dry will absorb approximately eight ounces of moisture (depending on humidity levels, the protection period can last from eight weeks in humid climates to many months in drier climes.)

Locked inside the crystals, the absorbed moisture can’t leak or spill. The silica desicant is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe.

To recharge the Eva-Dry, just plug it into a regular 120 volt AC outlet or power strip in a well-ventilated area like a garage, laundry room, etc. (I just plug mine in overnight in the bathroom every few months.)

The E-500 has a built-in heater that warms the activated crystals, forcing them to vent the months of stored moisture back into the outside air. It takes about 12 to 14 hours to completely recharge the unit. When it’s completely renewed, the indicator crystals change back to orange, so you know the Eva-Dry is again ready to protect your stuff.

A quick note: One common mistake I see people make when trying to keep their safes dry with products that rely on bulk desiccant crystals is failing to renew them regularly. The problem with plain crystals is that the renewal process typically involves taking them from the safe, decanting them into a cooking utensil of some kind, baking them in a hot oven for several hours, then reinstalling them in the original package and putting that product back in the safe. What typically happens with a process this involved is that the safe owner starts to slack off on their renewal duties.

Well, that’s a big problem! If you wait long enough, the crystals become fully saturated with moisture. And not only can they no longer protect your weapons, but they can actually start to release moisture into your gun safe, making the problem worse. Yep, that’s right — the dehumidifier you paid good money for has morphed into a humidifier. And the product you expected to keep your weapons and valuables dry is actually subjecting them to constant moisture!

Well, the Eva-Dry 500 helps protects you from this scenario because its built-in heater makes it so easy to keep on the job.


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